Social and environmental sustainability

If it’s sustainable, it’s development

We respect and make an effort to improve the environmental and social environment where we operate


We promote human rights and foster social inclusion.

We want to be an agent that contributes to social and environmental wellbeing. To do this, we develop programs and projects of a socioeconomic nature that respond to the needs identified in our interest groups in order to generate a positive and quantifiable impact and, at the same time, contribute to the sustainability of the business based on best practices and international standards.

Through our sustainability principles and commitment, we have implemented a Strategic Sustainability Plan that is based on the implementation of projects and an assessment of their impact.

Our principles:

Add value to all of Aleatica’s interest groups, including customers, communities, shareholders, collaborators and third parties, through internal and external social and environmental investment

Integrated culture of social and environmental sustainability in Aleatica, based on the implementation of domestic and international standards

Compliance with social and environmental regulations and the other legal requirements applicable to the organization

Respect, protection and promotion of human rights among the company’s interest groups

We share objectives with the governments and organizations where we operate

Aleatica has been committed to the United Nations Global Compact initiative since 2018 and we therefore align our business and operations strategies to the 10 Principles of this initiative. We also contribute directly to some of the 169 goals of the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives of the 2030 Agenda, the goal of which is to generate an international movement of sustainable companies in alliance with governments and civil society to achieve sustainable development of our planet.  

Sustainable Development Objectives

Main projects

Sustainable mobility

We work to improve the quality of life and health conditions in our environment through the progressive low-carbon operation of our assets, the development of technology projects for sustainable mobility and strategic alliances with organizations committed to the use of non-contaminating vehicles and machinery powered by clean energy.

We are all road safety

We implemented a global program to encourage safe mobility among our collaborators, users, neighbors and communities through educational activities that raise awareness and promote responsible driving of vehicles. Through this program, we help contribute to achievement of the goal 3.6 of Sustainable Development Objective 3 of the 2030 Agenda.