Excellence in service

We act as allies for our customers

Our reason for existing is people, and we owe it to them. We attend to and care for our customers. We apply a systematic and innovative approach to provide a high value added service.

Excelencia en el servicio

We work to constantly improve the service we offer each of our customers, maintaining the highest safety standards. To achieve this, we develop cutting-edge technology to offer them the best possible experience so they feel relaxed, confident and impressed, offering them a safe, comfortable and fast journey, facilitating the use of our highways. 

Our goal is to anticipate the ongoing evolution of demand through multi-channel dialogue and process improvement, and to encourage innovation in every step we take through the use of cutting-edge data collection and technology systems that allow our customers to have a first-class experience.

Our customers and communities are our priority

As a company focused on providing sustainable, innovative and safe mobility services, our priority is to listen to and meet the needs of our customers.

Our roadway assistance, operation, maintenance, safety and user attention teams work to provide an excellent service and make various different means of contact available to our customers to provide solutions to their needs and address their recommendations.

There are five different types of contact, and they are all attended to on a personal and immediate basis through our various attention and service channels. 


Roadway assistance



Positive comments

Equipo de atención y servicio al usuario

El equipo global de Atención al Usuario se especializa en la apertura y gestión de canales de comunicación que permitan atender a nuestros usuarios, además de promover un proceso de mejora continua en nuestro servicio de movilidad y procesos, que ha contribuido a generar una nueva forma de trabajar y garantizar un servicio de excelencia en colaboración con el equipo de Operaciones, implementando acciones como:  

Para saber la opinión de nuestros usuarios, llevamos a cabo consultas a través de distintos medios de contacto sobre el servicio que proveemos, así como página de internet, redes sociales, correo electrónico y centros de control. A través de estos mecanismos, nuestros usuarios son especial garantía de una mejora continua. 

We apply technology to our mobility service to improve the user experience.

APP Aleatica*

The Aleatica App accompanies our customers on their journey and offers the following functions:

  • Request for roadway assistance and incident reporting 
  • Submission of roadway incidents (potholes, lights, broken down vehicles, among others) 
  • Fees and relevant events 
  • Route calculation with details on the trip time and the cost of our Aleatica highways.
  • Indication of services, maintenance work, equipment and representative locations shown on the map of the highway 
  • Billing through QR codes in Circuito Exterior Mexiquense and GANA. 
  • AleaticaBot, virtual assistant to attend to the main consultations made by customers. 
  • Sending of real-time notifications through Bluetooth devices 
  •  Interaction and messaging with customers
  •  Functions available for Apple Watch  

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Amazon Alexa Skill Aleatica*

Our customers can plan their trip before leaving home and interact with our highway services through the following functions.

  • Consultation of roadway and weather reports for our highways 
  • Calculation of the estimated travel time and toll costs for the route 
  • Contact phone number for user attention

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*Available for highways in Mexico