Safety first

Safety is our top priority, always.

We care for each customer, each person and each worker

Through our comprehensive management approach, we are committed to continually improving safety conditions for our customers and collaborators. We also make an effort to promote, together with regulatory bodies, a culture of safety among our suppliers and the communities where we work. 

Our Comprehensive Safety Management System simultaneously and universally optimizes:

The quality of our infrastructure and equipment  


The character of our business
culture and the behavior of
our employees

The care for our customers and vulnerable employees
The clarity and importance of our signage
The fast response of first-aid personnel
The speed and conditions under which customers can use our infrastructure

Shared objectives

We partner with governments, experts, communities and civil society to raise the standards and determine how we can serve our customers and neighbors more safely. 

We will invest 114.6 million euros over the next 5 years in different projects focused on the safety of our employees, customers and neighboring communities.

Commitment to reducing accidents in the “Decade of Action for Roadway Safety”

At Aleatica, we have implemented an Accident Reduction Program that establishes Aleatica’s roadway safety strategy for the next five years, addressing accident rates as an integrated concept comprised of three factors identified as the main precursors to accidents:

1. Roadway Factor

We continually invest in infrastructure with the highest safety standards in order to provide safe routes

2. User

We raise awareness about the importance of improving driving habits through preventive and accident mitigation actions ​

3. Vehicle

We promote a culture of vehicle review and maintenance through vehicle review campaigns

The expected investment in this program (2020-2024) is 94.5 million euros.