Multi-modal offering of land and maritime transport infrastructure

Connection with the global market and improvement of urban mobility

We contribute to urban and sustainable mobility in large urban areas such as Madrid and Milan. We offer word-class logistics and multi-modal platforms for importation and exportation maritime traffic and transshipping between Europe, Africa and America.

América del Sur
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veh-km traveled on Aleatica’s highways in Europe last year

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TEUS moved annually
46.4 hectares

0 M

(2.88 billion) euros in total investment

0 km

 of urban highways


million euros will be invested in safety projects over the next 5 years.


passengers traveled on the light rail metro last year

Las autopistas y las líneas de metro ligero en Madrid brindan alternativas de movilidad segura, eficiente y sostenible a las comunidades aledañas y al tráfico de vehículos pesados que circula por el Corredor Industrial del Henares.

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Concessions in Europe

A35 Brebemi

62.1 km – TMDA: 15,447

  • 1,737 million (1.7 billion) EUR in investment.
  • 350 million vkm annually.


Euroglosa 45

8.3 KM – AADT: 74,206

  • 95 million EUR in investment.
  • 210 million vehicle-kilometer (vkm) annually.


Autovía de Aragón (Tramo 1)

56.1 KM – AADT: 87,299

  • 205.27 million EUR in investment.
  • 1,840 million vkm annually.


Terminales Marítimas del Sureste (Alicante)

31.1 ha  Container Traffic: 154,855 TEUS

  • 118 million EUR in investment.
  • Capacity of 300,000 TEUS.
  • 27,880 passengers


Terminal de contenedores de Tenerife

15.3 ha – Container Traffic: 122,981 TEUS

  • 72 million EUR in investment
  • Capacity of 620,000 TEUS


Metro Ligero Oeste

22.23 km – 3.5 million passengers

  • 654 million EUR in investment.
  • 1.4 million kilometers travelled.


[1] Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT)

[2] Maritime transport capacity referred to in cargo containers (TEUS).

Arena of the Future: Innovative project for zero-emissions mobility

The A35 Brebemi highway lays the foundations for the charging of electric vehicles as they drive down the highway. The program consists of construction of a highway section with an inductive wireless electrical charging system. 

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