A smart, safe and sustainable mobility company

Founded in 2018, Aleatica was created with the mission of offering safe and sustainable mobility solutions supported by cutting-edge technology that anticipate customer needs.

We are a pure transport infrastructure operator, which allows us to focus exclusively on the design and operation of highways and other mobility assets in 6 countries of Europe and Latin America.

7 toll highways
1 airport

1 toll highway

1 toll highways

3 toll highways
1 port

2 toll highways
2 Ports
1 light rail metro

1 toll highway


Million euros in net sales in 2020


Million euros of investment in safety over the next 4 years




Daily electronic transactions (Televía business unit)


Develop and operate smart transport solutions that exceed the expectations of customers and shareholders, and contribute to the sustainable development of our planet.

Pillars that guide our long-term commitments

Through our actions, we create safe roadways and our company’s values support all of our actions and projects.

Safety first

Social and environmental sustainability

Excellence in service

Corporate integrity

Passion for the team

We anticipate the transport needs of the next 20 years

Anticipating transport needs 20 years in advance is a significant challenge that requires a specialized approach: both an in-depth understanding of growth patterns and the evolution of customer and community demands, as well as an understanding of the role that technological progress plays in development and the imperative need for sustainable business solutions. 

We work each day to improve the quality of life of our customers, employees and the communities where we have a presence. We develop technology projects for sustainable mobility and create alliances with organizations committed to caring for the environment.

Support by IFM Investors

Aleatica is fully owned by IFM Global Infrastructure Fund, which is managed by IFM Investors. A leading pioneer in infrastructure investment, IFM was established more than 25 years ago by a group of Australian pension funds, and was founded to protect and grow the retirement savings of working people.

Fourth largest infrastructure operator in the world.

Investments of US$129 billion dollars.

Assets: Infrastructure, Debt Investments, Listed Equities, Private Equity.

33 investments in 95 assets in Australia, North America and Europe.

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