South America

We contribute to mobility in a safe and sustainable way

We provide added value, reliability and competitiveness for the growth of Latin America

We have actively participated in the design and development of safe and sustainable transport infrastructure in Colombia, Chile and Peru, contributing avant-garde management systems and environmentally responsible solutions. 

América del Sur
0 M

vehicles travel on Aleatica’s highways in South America each year




million (2.6 billion) euros in total investment

0 km

of urban and interstate highways


million EUR will be invested in safety projects over the next 5 years.

Our concessions include interurban highways, urban highways and commercial ports that contribute to integration of the region, as well as sustainable development and interconnection of the main commercial and industrial areas of the country.

Concessions in South America

Puente Industrial

6.4 km – Under construction

  • 200 million EUR in investment
  • Reduction in travel times for customers in sectors with high population density, while also helping improve cargo transport and port connectivity.



43 km – 3,487 AADT in 27 km and the remainder under construction

  • 230 million EUR in investment


Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso

6.4 ha – 1,800,000 Tons

  • Dock length 621 meters
  • Specialty: Transfer of fragmented cargo
  • Equipment: 2 Gottwald cranes (100 t), 3 reach-stackers (45 t), 38 forklifts (1.5-25 t)


Vespucio Oriente

9.5 km – Under construction

  • 955 million EUR in investment
  • First concession in Chile with a closed Free Flow toll system
  • Forms part of the only urban perimeter ring road in Santiago, Chile


Autopista Río Magdalena

153.2 km – 2,026 AADT (2020) in 67.9 km and the remainder under construction.

  • 820 million EUR in investment
  • Bridge over Río Magdalena 1,360 m in length


Autopista del Norte

356 km – 22,172 AADT

  • 470 million EUR in investment
  • Section of the Pan-American with 50% of the heavy vehicles.


[1] Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT).

Innovation in mobility service

We are specialized in the installation of last-generation remote toll collection and free flow toll collection systems.

Sustainable mobility

We respect and make an effort to improve the environmental and social environment in the communities where we operate. Our projects in the region comply with high standards through environmental rating processes.

The best company of its kind

Mexico and Spain have been committed to the United Nations Global Compact initiative since 2018. We align our business and operations strategies to the 10 guiding principles

We are part of the FTS4Good Latin America Emerging Markets index

Safety first

Social and environmental sustainability

Excellence in service

Corporate integrity

Passion for the team