Passion for the team


Excellence starts from within

Our people, with their commitment, passion and vision, are what make it possible for us to achieve the results and mission we have set for ourselves as a company. We recognize their effort, commitment and collaboration.

At Aleatica, we are committed to applying the highest standards in how we manage our workers in order to guarantee compliance with local and international standards and the utmost respect for human rights principles, as well as to provide a safe, inclusive and collaborative work environment that allows our workers to develop and reach their full potential.

The main principles that guide our actions are:

The safety and wellbeing of our employees are key to creating a productive work environment. 

We have zero tolerance for any type of abusive behavior and/or workplace or sexual harassment.

Promoting diversity and equal opportunity in the workforce helps support progress towards a more inclusive society and fosters improved business performance. 

The right to association and collective negotiation in the workplace must be respected and promoted regardless of the local regulations. 

Talent management

At Aleatica, we are committed to providing excellent service to our customers. To achieve this, we attract the best talent, whose values and personal objectives align with the company’s culture and pillars. Technical skills are just as important as attitude.