Aleatica reaffirms its commitment to its users

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Through a relevant event issued on March 15th, Aleatica informed the Mexican authorities that, as part of its commitment to its users, it would not apply the additional 6% increase over inflation specified in the Concession Certificate of Mexiquense Beltway.

The company declared that it is a temporary discount for users of light vehicles (cars and motorcycles) so the increase, which came into force as of the first minute of March 16, 2019, is limited to the inflation rate.

The System of Toll Roads, Airports, Related and Auxiliary Services of the State of Mexico (SAASCAEM for the Spanish initials) commented that “the updating of toll rates allows us to ensure the continuity of the works and maintenance programs, thus preserving the value of the road assets and ensures the quality of service offered to users.”

The publication by Aleatica sent to the Mexican Stock Exchange indicates that this information occurs “in line with the commitment communicated on September 25, 2018 and December 6, 2018 by ALEATICA, of publishing certain information on CONMEX, including the Concession Certificate granted by the Government of the State of Mexico in favor of CONMEX for the Mexiquense Beltway, as well as the annexes, modifications and key terms thereof. ”

The Mexiquense Beltway crosses 19 municipalities of the State of Mexico, where 42% of the State’s population is concentrated. This beltway has made possible reduce the heavy traffic of cargo transport through the municipalities, qualitatively improving the mobility of the neighbors. The beltway has 27 toll areas that have 161 toll lanes, 90% of which are equipped with electronic TAG readers, in order to improve the flow of traffic.

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