The first edition of the 15K Naucalpan Challenge is carried out on Bicentennial Viaduct

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The event brought together 2 thousand people who traveled the routes of 5 and 15 kilometers on the toll road.

Last Sunday, March 24, the first edition of 15 K – 5K Family Hike Challenge’ was held on the Bicentennial Viaduct.

2,000 people participated in the race, organized by authorities of the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico, and were able to share their passion for the sport when walking or running for the first time on this urban road in the company of their relatives, friends and pets.

With the exit and finish line at Naucalli Park, the participants had the opportunity to go on a special route in which they enjoyed emblematic Naucalpan landmarks such as the Toreo Park and the Satellite Towers, and in general, the privileged view of touring the second floor of the periphery.

Under the commitment of ALEATICA to promote the Passion for the Team and to create an attractive, inclusive and positive organizational culture among its employees, the company offered them courtesies and discounts in for joining the race.

The communication of the event, as well as the invitation to the race, the route and the schedules were spread through tarpaulins along the highway, as well as on the Twitter accounts @Aleatica_Mx, and @VíasUrbanas, and on the Facebook page @ViasUrbanasOficial, where mechanics were also organized to give courtesies to the users.

To ensure the safety of the corridors, coming from states such as Morelos, Puebla, State of Mexico, Querétaro and Mexico City, Bicentennial Viaduct and municipal authorities carried out an important joint security deployment, with a total of 0 accidents.

Bicentennial Viaduct is proud to support these athletic activities, as has been done previously with the cycling race ‘Gran Fondo Mx’ for which the toll road opens up so that athletes can enjoy a unique experience.

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