‘Yogurt de mi Tierra’, Autopista Río Magdalena supports local entrepreneurship

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The entrepreneurial spirit and innovative capacity

of the communities in the area of influence of the Río Magdalena Toll Road project, plus the support of the Concessionaire in these fields, have promoted the strengthening of productive units that the region continue to grow.

Yogurt de mi Tierra (literally Yogurt of my Land)

The project, from the Santa Isabel district of the municipality of Remedios, arose in response to the need to break the economic dependence on mining and migrate towards a sustainable business culture, based on the transformation of milk into finished products with high added value such as yogurt, which generates jobs and income for families and progress for the region.

This initiative has been accompanied and advised by Autopista Río Magdalena since 2016, which has allowed it to become known in other municipalities through Merca Emprende and winning the Antójate de Antioquia 2018 contest, last October.

The Concessionaire’s constant support for the Yogurt de mi Tierra project was essential to win this contest from the Productivity and Competitiveness Secretariat of the Government of Antioquia, aimed at boosting the productivity, commercialization and innovation of this type of business.

In presenting the project to Antójate de Antioquia, Autopista Río Magdalena, in conjunction with SENA, supported the venture in defining the business plan according to the requirements of financial viability and socioeconomic impact, and also assisting in the verbal presentation of the project before the jury.

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