TCVAL receives the Green Leaf 2018 Prize for its contribution to the Environment in port surroundings

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Further to the International Fair for Logistics and Foreign Trade (FILCE), Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso (TCVAL) came first in the Green Leaf 2018 Prize, granted by COMACO, thanks to its various pro-environmental actions recently implemented on its facilities.

The jury rewarded TCVAL as a port company, in a traditional business role, which however leaves a distinguishing print in environmental matters. Along these lines, of relevance are the great achievement obtained with its workers’ new organizational culture, as well as the launching of other initiatives aimed at reusing port operation waste, which is processed to make furnishingsurniture, in conjunction with local recycling companies.

Also of relevance is the installation of LED lighting in the Breakwater, reducing energy consumption by 40%, and the implantation of an oil microfiltering systems for machinery used in port operations, extending the useful life of this fuel and reducing its consumption by 58%. At the same time, its effort has been positively appraised in quantifying greenhouse gas, as part of the Huella Chile governmental program. TCVAL was already recognized in the matter in November 2017.

María Emilia Correa, co-founder of “Sistema B” in Chile and recently recognized as the “most influential intellectual in Latin America”, handed over the prize to the winners. On behalf of the company, the prize was received by Mario Cárdenas, an engineer specializing in Risk Prevention, Quality and the Environment (TCVAL), along with Noel Balaresque, Head of Security, Risk Prevention and the Environment (TCVAL).

“This achievement is a huge incentive to continue with our task. We are a relatively new company which, from the beginning, has based its actions on doing things the best way possible; this also includes respect for the environment”, indicated Noel Balaresque.

In turn, Mario Cárdenas encouraged other companies to promote the care of our surroundings, and added that “this type of event makes a great contribution to keep on adding more pro-environmental players, which is why COMACO has made a great contribution in this very important matter”.

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