Opening the gates: back-up infrastructure for women and their families

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In 2012 we began working with Centro Comunitario de Desarrollo Infantil San José, in Mexico City, convinced that the comprehensive development and children is an engine for development.

Starting in 2016 we extended our collaboration by also supporting the actions of Casa San José en Cochabamba, Bolivia, “where the line between childhood and adulthood is too narrow”.

Both projects, respectively launched by the civil association Abriendo Nuevos Caminos and Fundación Nuevos Caminos, work with communities in a precarious situation to encourage the education of children and adolescents, and the reintegration of potentially homeless minors; they also train mothers in each family, promoting workshops to generate income, study scholarships, employment training and guidance for parents.

Autopista Urbana Norte’s team celebrates Children’s Day with students from Centro San José

Last 20 April, anticipating Children’s Day in Mexico, Autopista Urbana Norte’s team invited the children of Centro San José to celebrate their day in Papalote Museo del Niño, where they added new experience to their pre-school educational process. Cristina Sánchez, a mother, as well as an educational assistant and coordinator at Centro San José, explained that “it is very important for the kids to make visits like these, due to the situation they are their families are in, as they lack the resources to visit these places. The kids have a fantastic and enriching experience; for small children, a chance to leave their surroundings is the best that could happen to them”. Enjoy this Papalote visit along with the children, mothers, school teachers and volunteers of our Mexican team through this  link

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