Autopista del Norte trained more than 360 residents of Samanco in road safety

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As part of its social responsibility program, Autopista del Norte offered a free road safety training session to more than 360 residents of the Samanco district, located in the Santa province.

The event was attended by speakers from the National Road Safety Council, the Provincial Municipality of Santa and the Highway Operator, benefiting more than 300 students, teachers and parents of the Ramón Castilla and 88058 schools, as well as to 60 drivers and transporters in the area.

This initiative is part of an awareness campaign undertaken by Autopista del Norte among all the towns surrounding its road concession, which goes from Pativilca to Trujillo. The objective of this activity is for the population to assimilate basic concepts of traffic and road safety, also practicing values ​​of citizenship and awareness of situations produced daily on this important highway.

In this way, Autopista del Norte reaffirms its commitment to continue working for the benefit of all its users, fostering a culture of prevention and road safety.

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