More than 250 Paramonga school children were trained in road safety by Autopista del Norte

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Autopista del Norte, concessionaire company of the Road Network 4, offered a free training day in road safety to more than 250 students,

teachers and parents of the schools N° 21577 and N° 21578, located in the district of Paramonga.

The training was given by the Transport and Communications Directorate of the Regional Government of Lima, the National Road Safety Council and the Highway Operator, who shared basic concepts of traffic, road traffic and respect for road signs.

These institutions provided learning material that could be used as a complement or during class time. Both children and parents participated in dynamics using as an example the works carried out by Autopista del Norte in the Cerro Blanco sector.

This initiative is part of an awareness campaign undertaken by Autopista del Norte among all the towns surrounding the Road Network 4. The goal is to assimilate basic concepts of traffic and road traffic, also practicing values ​​of citizenship and awareness in situations that occur daily on this important road.

In this way, Autopista del Norte reaffirms its commitment to continue working for the benefit of all its users, fostering a culture of responsibility and road safety.

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