ARM promotes a link between local labor and “APE to the Park” sessions

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In order to guarantee the recruitment of labor in the area affected by the construction works, Autopista Río Magdalena and Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA) have joined their effort to bring SENA’s Public Employment Agency (APE) to the local parks within the area affected by the road project.

The strategy, referred to as “APE al Parque” [“APE to the Park”], launched by the SENA Employment Office, attracts local job applicants, who learned how to enroll and upload their résumé and other documents onto the system; they are also able to apply for job positions, in this case in the Río Magdalena Toll Road project.

The hiring of local labor: a priority

For Autopista Río Magdalena, it is a priority to hire local labor to work on the road project; this is why applicants are allowed to enroll and update their résumés on the Public Employment Agency (APE) platform, the only employment intermediation tool implemented by the project.

The idea is to avoid local residents having to travel long distances to enroll on the Public Employment Agency (APE) platform. This way, they may enroll in their own town through these sessions arranged by SENA’s job counselors.

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