Autopista Río Magdalena supports local entrepreneurship

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Training and business opportunity for entrepreneurs, thanks to partnerships and/or agreements with entities such as the Magdalena Medio and Nordeste Chamber of Commerce.

The Concessionaire Autopista Río Magdalena provides support and advice to productive projects in the area of ​​direct influence of the road project, so that these productive initiatives are strengthened, comply with current regulations and have a business vision that projects them to success.

The advice is given through training for the productive, business and commercial strengthening of the projects, and through alternative projects such as Merca Emprende, Crecer es Posible and Emprende tu Futuro, sales and direct contact with the final consumer are encouraged.

Business formalisation

The projects that benefit from the advice and support provided by the Concessionaire are subject to a business diagnosis, which assesses the feasibility and potential of the project, and the commitment of the entrepreneur to fulfil the tasks assigned for the improvement of the business.

Projects that are advised by Autopista Río Magdalena 2 include:

  • Environmental: Veredas Aterrado and Manjarrés in Santander
  • Tourism: Puerto Berrío, Maceo and Yalí in Antioquia
  • Crafts: Puerto Berrío, Maceo and Vegachí in Antioquia
  • Design: Puerto Berrío and Vegachí in Antioquia
  • Agroindustry: Puerto Berrío, Maceo, Vegachí, Remedios and Yalí in Antioquia
  • Agricultural production: Maceo and Yalí in Antioquia

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