The construction of Río Magdalena Toll Road advances with works that can be seen

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The works of the Río Magdalena Toll Road, which began in the second half of 2016, are progressing well and have generated more than 2,350 formal jobs, of which 1,561 have been occupied by workers in the area of direct influence of the project.

Little by little, the primary road that connects the municipalities of Cimitarra (Santander), Puerto Berrío, Maceo, Yolombó, Yalí, Vegachí and Remedios (Antioquia), is being transformed into the Magdalena River Highway, a road that Northeast Antioquia and Magdalena Medio deserve.

Currently, activities such as forest exploitation, vegetation clearing and vegetation removal, vegetation layer decapitation, construction of embankments,  stone foundations, stabilization of slopes and drainage works, such as sewers, box culverts, gutters, and others have advanced in Functional Units 1 and 2, which comprise the section of road between the village of Otú de Remedios and Alto de Dolores in Maceo.

In these Functional Units, work fronts are underway in the village of Santa Isabel de Remedios, in the villages of Guardasol and Corrales La Cuchilla in Maceo, El Zancudo de Yalí and La Sonadora and in the municipality of Vegachí.

Advances in Functional Unit 3

The improvement and rehabilitation of the existing road is carried out in the section Alto de Dolores – Puerto Berrío, corresponding to Functional Unit 3, with activities such as forest exploitation, flora and fauna management, construction of drainage works, patching and rehabilitation of the bridges Arabia 1, Arabia 2, Calamar, Reina, San Isidro and Guasimal.

FU3 encompasses work fronts in:

  • Alto de Dolores – El Ingenio section: Rehabilitation of the pavement.
  • El Brasil – La Carlota section: Stripping of the plant layer and excavations
  • La Alpina Sector: Rehabilitation of bridges
  • El Brasil – La Carlota Road – Puerto Berrío Relief Road: Drainage works.

Works on Functional Unit 4

The construction of embankments, stone foundations, drainage works and intervention of flood zones is being carried out in the section from Puerto Berrío Relief Road to the start of the new bridge over the Magdalena River.

Meanwhile, the construction of the bridge over the Magdalena River progresses with the installation of floor slabs in the 21st pile, pile screeds, installation of HEA beams and gutters and sheet metal arches in stack 20, armed with a zero voussoir in pile 19 and capped in pile 17, installation of provisional supports on lintels and construction of prefabricated beams.


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