Aleatica reaffirms its focus on improving its global audit and compliance functions

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Madrid, Spain, September 23, 2019.- As part of its focus on the improvement of corporate governance, transparency, and compliance, Aleatica, S.A.U. (“Aleatica”) is pleased to announce new global measures that support its growth into a new phase as an independent operator of transportation infrastructure assets. These global measures include the creation of the post of Global Director of Internal Audit, along with changes and appointments within the Global Compliance and Risk Management Division. In this regard, these global measures have been approved by Aleatica, S.A.B. de C.V.’s Board of Directors.

New Global Director of Internal Audit

The creation of Aleatica’s new Global Division of Internal Audit – which operates independently of the Global Compliance and Risk Management team and the administrative team and reports directly to Aleatica SAU’s Board of Director’s Audit and Risk Committee – is aligned with the best global corporate governance, risk management, and compliance practices. Aleatica S.A.B. de C.V. will adopt internal audit policies and practices established by Aleatica’s Global Internal Audit Division while the Global Director of Internal Audit will supervise all existing local internal audit functions, based on the successful launch of the “One Aleatica” policies, announced last year.

Beginning on October 1, the Global Internal Audit Division will be led by Jesús Pinelo, who boasts two decades of senior-level experience in audit and finance at companies such as Deloitte and Unión Fenosa. More recently, Mr. Pinelo served, for more than a decade, as the Head of Internal Audit for Spain and Globally at Grupo Ferrovial.

Growth in Global Compliance and Risk Management Team

After playing a key role in the first phase of building out the Global Compliance and Risk Management function, Pedro Montoya has concluded his mandate as Aleatica’s Global Director of Compliance Risk Management, effective today, and has decided to pursue a professional opportunity at another company with a global presence. In his role, Pedro developed the Compliance and Risk Management function, made numerous improvements to the risk management framework, and strengthened the focus on compliance, including the review of internal controls and the launch of an integral training program.

In the next phase, the Compliance and Risk Management function will continue to be based on the existing global framework while bringing additional improvements to Aleatica in corporate governance, risk management, and compliance. This will include initiatives specific to each country where Aleatica operates, including Mexico.

The Board of Directors has designated Pablo Olivera, who will continue serving as Global Legal Adviser, as the interim Chief Compliance and Risk Officer (CCRO), and has begun the search for a new CCRO. As part of this role, Pablo Olivera will be supported, in Mexico, by Javier Soni, an Independent Director of Aleatica S.A.B de C.V. who has significant compliance and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act experience and who led Walmart México in the implementation of its strengthened compliance framework. The CCRO role will continue to be supported both by key executives that have met with the company this year and external advisers. In addition, Pablo Olivera has been appointed by Aleatica S.A.B. de C.V.’s Board of Directors as interim CCRO in order to maintain continuity and consistency in the CCRO and risk management functions.

Aleatica remains committed to strengthening corporate governance, transparency, and corporate integrity by adopting the best international practices and developing new programs that contribute to elevating the standards of the industry in numerous countries.

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