Rio Magdalena Toll Road invites communities to participate in CCTP training

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In order to strengthen skills, encourage entrepreneurship and contribute to the progress and sustainability of the Magdalena Middle East and Northeast Antioquia areas, Río Magdalena Toll Road calls on the inhabitants of the project’s area of influence to participate in the training offered through its Comprehensive Community Training Plan (CCTP).

The purpose of the CCTP is to prepare and leave an installed capacity in education and training for work, entrepreneurship and productive projects in the communities of the area of influence of the Río Magdalena Toll Road, so that they can improve their quality of life and upon completion of the works of the project and to allow the generation of sources of employment and income in an autonomous and sustainable manner.

Through the CCTP, the Concessionaire offers courses in Technology Dissemination Events (TDE), complementary training and, insofar as the requirements of the area so require, the training may be technical or technological, according to the population that registers for the training.

In order to determine the types of training required in urban and rural areas, Río Magdalena Toll Road carries out a diagnosis and identification of needs that applies to the community in general, and to leaders, municipal officials and rural development promoters.

Three great ranges of the CCTP

The CCTP offers training to productive projects, related to training and support to productive units in environmental management and business strengthening; training for community leaders and municipal officials. The CCTP runs throughout the year and the requirements for participation are:

  • TDE training, the person is only required to be able to read and write. Eight certifiable hours.
  • Supplementary training of 40 hours, the person is only required to be able to read and write.
  • Technician, the person must have completed at least the ninth grade.
  • Technologist, requires a high school diploma.

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