Autopista del Norte receives recognition for socio-environmental management

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Autopista del Norte was presented as a success case in the implementation of international, standards applied to socio-environmental management in infrastructure projects, during a meeting of the International Project Financing Association (IPFA) held this month in Madrid.

The event, organized by the consultant Environmental Resources Management (ERM), was attended by key actors in the financing and development of infrastructure projects worldwide, such as financial institutions, consultants, operators and construction companies.

The exhibition highlighted the good socio-environmental practices developed by Autopista del Norte during the construction, operation and maintenance of the Road Network 4 concession, located on the Northern Panamerican Highway, between the cities of Pativilca and Trujillo. Special mention was made to its environmental, health, education and community safety programs, through awareness activities for the prevention of traffic accidents, solid waste management and health campaigns for users.

Also, as part of its management of cultural heritage, Autopista del Norte was recognized for its work in the rescue and enhancement of four archaeological sites located within the right of way of its road concession, on the north coast of Peru, registration and research on which were published in two books that were freely distributed to schools in the area of influence of the project.

The event also included a panel of experts that included representatives of the financing institutions of the project, the ERM consultancy and the Autopista del Norte concessionaire, an Aleatica company. The panel addressed the challenges and opportunities of integrating socio-environmental standards throughout the project cycle, as well as how to meet the eligibility criteria to ensure funding. This was done with a participatory approach in which the panel responded to the questions raised and voted by the audience.

This recognition reaffirms the commitment of Autopista del Norte with the generation of long-term value actions that are socially responsible and respectful of the environment, for the benefit of the community and users of the toll road.

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