Innova awards: proposals that contribute to sustainable mobility

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Mexico City, June 2021 – The year 2020 will be remembered as the start of an extensive and complicated global pandemic. It has been a difficult time for everyone, which has put the resilience of organizations and people to the test. To show this resilience, Aleatica implemented the Innova Program, an initiative that calls on its collaborators to submit projects in different states of maturity that contribute to smart, sustainable mobility.

The star project is a pilot program in Italy on the A35 Brebemi highway (concession company that forms part of the group) in order to establish the bases for electric vehicle recharging on roads while in motion or stationary. The program consists of building a stretch of road with an inductive electric charging system that will let electric vehicles recharge their vehicles without having to stop to connect to a recharging point.

This technology will help reduce the environmental impact of vehicular transit and also eventually reduce the need for vehicles to have batteries. Likewise, it’s novel for the fact that it is a project conceived in collaboration between the private sector, public institutions, and academia. Currently, Fiat and Iveco, automakers that are vying for electrification and a sustainable future, are executing the project.

The implications of this project for the environment are of utmost importance due to the need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and support climate change mitigation.

The selection of innovation projects in Mexico has also been of significance this year. On the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense (CEM), a QR code scanning system was put in place to automatically generate an invoice for our users. “No doubt, offering this streamlined service has marked a before and an after in terms of our users’ satisfaction and collaborator efficiency,” said Vanessa Silveyra, Global Sustainability and Customer Service Director. In just 8 months, over 20,000 invoices have been processed using the Aleatica app.

Another project that has resulted in valuable information on CEM road safety and operation is a platform for managing road inventories. It’s a brilliant solution that makes it possible to create inventories with georeferenced list items on the road using smart phones or tablets for later sharing in a cloud database. The platform creates high-quality information for company employees and makes it possible to ensure that the roads are in optimal conditions.

Innova drives the transformative capacities of the entire Aleatica team with positive results for our users and the communities in which we operate. Aleatica is proud to be coming up with solutions that contribute to smart, sustainable mobility in Mexico and around the world.


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