To be able to execute innovatively, we leverage intrapreneurship and our ALEATICA Labs R&D team

Smart mobility is the future. Through our dedicated, world-class team of innovators supported by our ALEATICA Labs developers we are advancing transport solutions that have an impact above and beyond our role as pure operators of infrastructure. You can download our mission, vision and strategy in R+D+i by clicking here (Spanish version only).

We are pushing innovation and state of the art technology, such as Big Data Analytics, to the forefront of our operations in order to anticipate our clients´ needs and to enable superior performance across the board:


Enhanced safety and security standards for our users and our employees. Read more »


We put the best of our technical knowledge at the service of others and reduce social and environmental impact in our operation. Read more »

Customer service

We develop state-of-the-art technology that advances our capacity to deliver excellence in service. Read more »