Aleatica adopts the transparency of concession titles of the Mexiquense Beltway and Bicentennial Viaduct

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As part of Aleatica’s efforts to strengthen transparency and corporate integrity, the company announced that the concession titles of the Mexiquense Beltway (CEM) and Bicentennial Viaduct (VB) toll highways would be made public.

In a relevant event announced yesterday to the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), it was reported that a new website was also launched:, actions that are part of several corporate governance initiatives that have been implemented in recent months.

The publication of the concession titles “significantly exceeds the disclosure requirements of the applicable legislation, including, but not limited to, the transparency and public information laws applicable to certain concessionaires and the Securities Market Law and other regulations applicable to security issuers”, states the document.

The event sent to the Stock Exchange requires that the information of both toll roads open to the interested public integrates the guidelines that define the contractual relationship between the government and the concessionaire, and includes the duration of the concessions, the mechanism used to establish tolls, as well as the operating standards.

In order to increase the actions of transparency and good corporate governance, the company said, we work with government agencies and other interested parties, with the purpose of disclosing the same level of information for the rest of the Aleatica concessions in Mexico.

It is worth mentioning that, since its appearance as one of the main infrastructure operators in Mexican territory, the company set itself the objective of providing the best service and offering safe, sustainable transport solutions backed by the best technology, with a five-pillar action guide: security, sustainable development, excellent service, transparency and solid corporate governance, backed by the best human team.

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