Chimbote Bypass: Construction of the new bridge at Río Santa gets underway

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Mexico City, August 2021 – As part of the progress of the work at Vía de Evitamiento Chimbote (VECH), work has commenced on the pile driving and foundation for the new infrastructure of the bridge that will cross Río Santa, joining the Áncash and La Libertad regions, reported the concession for Red Vial 4, Autopista del Norte (Aunor). 

The infrastructure will have a length of 350 linear meters, which is three times longer than the bridge that currently crosses the river. 

The new bridge will have double lanes, which is an important factor for reducing the accident level in the area. Another important aspect is that the construction is based on a deep foundation through the use of piles that are resistant to natural disasters and the undercurrent of the river. 

“The design and construction of the new Santa bridge is based on the current engineering guidelines. The safety levels are very good, both for reducing accident rates and for preventing a collapse in the event of a natural disaster,” explained Mariella Quevedo, an engineer in the Project Control area at Aunor.  

It is important to point out that the construction of this bridge at Río Santa is part of the work of the first 10 kilometers that have been released by the State to Aunor for execution of the bypass project. 

The Chimbote Bypass project also considers installation of a second bridge at Río Lacramarca, as well as construction of double asphalt roadways spanning 39.7 kilometers. 

The Aunor concession added that they are also working on ground removal, excavation, filling and road terracing work, among other activities, all in compliance with the established work completion schedule.