Transparency and robust governance are indispensable.

We draw from the experience of IFM Investors, our majority owner and a signer of the UN’s responsible investment principles, as well as other industry leaders:

Governance Bodies

Our governance bodies are integrated by members with high professional stature and diverse nationalities. Besides their positive reputations, appointed members of the board have significant expertise in compliance, FCPA, and transparency.


We comply with all the relevant corporate governance regulations that apply in the countries where we work and form a part of the Global Compact Mexican Network. ALEATICA is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) and is a member of the FTSE4Good Emerging Latin America Index.


We have a commitment to adopt best disclosure and corporate integrity practices concerning key information concerns from all of our stakeholders. To ensure a fair and reliable administration of complaints and crucial queries we have conveyed an independent management of our whistle blowing channel, accessible both through our web page and intranet.