Our experienced global team has a key goal: provide best-in-class service and safe, sustainable infrastructure solutions supported by cutting-edge technology for decades to come.

Focused Long-term Needs

Anticipating what transportation needs will look like in 20 years is a big challenge. It requires focus and specialization: a deep understanding of the growth patterns and increasing demands of customers and communities, and knowledge of the evolving role of technology and the urgent need for sustainability.

Broader Industry Structure

In most countries in Latin America, roads, airports, railways, and ports are operated by the same companies that built them. This broad structure, which prizes the added value of construction projects, tends to dilute the focus on the added value of serving customers and communities over the decades of useful life of transportation assets.

Enter Aleatica

ALEATICA is a new breed of transportation company. Its fit-for-purpose structure as a pure operator of transportation assets allows it to focus exclusively on conceptualizing and operating roads and other transportation assets in Spain and Latin America.

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Our values guide our long-term thinking

As we manage each road, corridor, port, railway, and airport, we never take our eyes off the long term. What will the needs of our customers and communities look like in 10 years?

How can we implement now the standards in terms of service, transparency, safety, and sustainability that will be best practice in the coming decades?